About Us

VeloHierro S.L. rents e-bikes on the Canary island of El Hierro.

The smallest of the Canary Island is famous for its spectacular landscapes with great varieties from the humid laurel forest to a desertlike volcanic scenery.

Our ORBEAS Keram 15 e-bikes are equipped with the latest generation of Bosch engines with a 500 watt battery.

These e-bikes are the ideal means of transportation to let you discover the island's spectacular nature and to take you fast and efficiently to the different regions of the island. Especially steep mountain climbs can be mananged easily.

Enjoy your excursions in a tranquil environment riding on well signposted cycle routes and roads with almost no traffic.

In case you do not want to discover the island on our own we offer tours with experienced guides.

Hope to see you soon on El Hierro!